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AAFS 2020

The 2020 American Academy of Forensic Science meeting was productive for the FIS students and faculty!  WVU FIS was represented with nineteen oral and/or poster presentations. It is always rewarding to share our work with the professional forensic science community.  

Honors Student Spotlight

Heather Massey is a junior Honors EXCEL student from Culpeper, VA. She is a forensic and investigative science major on the examiner track.

Her project deals with oral fluid testing devices for law enforcement, something that combines her love of law enforcement and forensics, specifically related to the field of drugs. Similar to a roadside breath test for alcohol, the oral fluid drug testing device is used by patrol officers after they have noticed symptoms of potential drug use by a driver. They collect a saliva sample with a swab, a less intrusive, alternative method to blood draws or urine samples. She has researched different manufacturers and their products, and is researching the legal implications and policies behind the device.

Outside of school, she enjoys exercising, cooking, watching police or Investigation Discovery shows, reading and finding new places that serve brunch. Her dream job is to become a sworn crime scene investigator.

FIS Club in the Community

FIS students paint bowls to raise awareness

President Gee Visits FIS Graduate Students

As part of President Gee’s initiative to learn more about our Mountaineers’ educational experiences, he surprised FIS Graduate Seminar students with a visit to their class during Valentine’s day.

Student showcases research at Undergraduate Research Day

Sara Kuberski recently presented her research at the 17th annual Undergraduate Research Day at the Capitol (URDC) in Charleston, WV. The event highlights the accomplishments of undergraduate researchers throughout the state of West Virginia and demonstrates the importance of research for the future of the state.

WVU FIS Department Video

Take a look. DISCOVER and LEARN more about Forensic and Investigative Science at WVU. As a prospective student, is the WVU FEPAC accredited FIS program for you?

CBD-IAI Spring 2017 Educational Conference

Thirty-four students from the WVU FIS program attended this event. Students had the opportunity to attend workshops and lectures to further their knowledge in the field of forensic science. Attendance at the conference also provided students with the opportunity to network with professionals in the field, a skill that is very important.  

The Tradition Continues

This semester, there were two night crime scenes: one for Dr. Keith Morris’ bloodstain class and the other for Professor Robert O’Brien’s crime scene I class. On Thursday, April 13th, Professor O’Brien’s crime scene I class was called to the scene of an assault at 4 am. Sophomore Jennifer Ho comments on the experience saying, “being called out to the scene at 4 am allows us to not only get the academic portion of the material but the practical experience as well.”