Graduation 2017

The faculty recognized Nick Haas as the Outstanding Forensic Biology Student, Lindsay Cheeseman as the Outstanding Forensic Chemistry Student, and Mindy Dills as the Outstanding Forensic Examiner Student. Micayla Zynda was selected as the Overall Outstanding Forensic Science Student.

New Department Video

Take a look. DISCOVER and LEARN more about Forensic and Investigative Science at WVU. As a prospective student, is the WVU FEPAC accredited FIS program for you?

CBD-IAI Spring 2017 Educational Conference

Thirty-four students from the WVU FIS program attended this event. Students had the opportunity to attend workshops and lectures to further their knowledge in the field of forensic science. Attendance at the conference also provided students with the opportunity to network with professionals in the field, a skill that is very important.  

The Tradition Continues

This semester, there were two night crime scenes: one for Dr. Keith Morris’ bloodstain class and the other for Professor Robert O’Brien’s crime scene I class. On Thursday, April 13th, Professor O’Brien’s crime scene I class was called to the scene of an assault at 4 am. Sophomore Jennifer Ho comments on the experience saying, “being called out to the scene at 4 am allows us to not only get the academic portion of the material but the practical experience as well.”

An Interview with Ming Hsieh Distinguished Professor of Forensic and Investigative Science Dr. Glen Jackson

“Who you are, where you’ve been, what you eat, what drugs you take — it all shows up in your hair,” says Glen P. Jackson, Ph.D. “Depending on the question being asked, the chemical analysis of human hair can provide amazing insights into the life and lifestyle of a person.”

Forensic and Investigative Science Explores Partnership with China

The two-day event consisted of tours of departmental facilities on the downtown and Evansdale campuses as well as opportunities to meet with Forensic & Investigative Science faculty and graduate students. Dr. Liu’s fellowship is associated with the Center on Wrongful Convictions at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and thus he visited with Associate Professor of Law Valena Beety, Director of the WVU Innocence Project.

Put some putty on it

Forensic and Investigative Science/Chemistry professor exploring use of putty to collect gun residue samples

Best Photography Exhibit for 2016

Ms. Kelli Sullivan, a junior in the FIS program, was chosen by the faculty as having the best forensic photography presentation in Professor Ken Bauer’s forensic photography course.

Ph.D. Program Allowing Forensic Science Research to Expand at WVU

In West Virginia University’s Department of Forensic and Investigative Science, much of that hands-on experience comes from assisting faculty with active research. Thanks to the newly developed Ph.D. program, students are able to be trained in undergraduate and stay to continue long term research.