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Jobs and Career

Planning for your Future

Planning for a forensic science career should begin early, ideally before your internship. The internship can be designed to fit your interests and meet your future career goals.

  • Start your final job search by the fall semester of your senior year. If you wait until after you graduate, you are already nearly a year behind.
  • Have realistic expectations. This comes from your internship and from scanning the job listings.
  • Be flexible. Your first job will likely not be your last job so be willing to travel and move around. Limiting your search to a small geographic area usually leads to disappointment.
  • Search state web sites for job listings since some states do not use the national postings (such as the American Academy of Forensic Sciences site).
  • Apply to more than one job. Forensic job openings are competitive and the odds of getting the only job you apply for are slim.
  • Be persistent. Jobs don’t come to you; you find them.
  • If you identify a job of interest, read the description to be sure you are qualified. If you apply, follow the instructions to the letter. You would be surprised how many people overlook these simple rules.
  • The federal government hires many of our graduates. Visit USA Jobs or FBI Jobs to look for these employment opportunities. Key words to use include forensic, physical science, and investigation.

Job Postings

American Academy of Forensic Scientists
American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors
Crime Scene Investigators
International Association for Identification
Society of Forensic Toxicologists
USA Jobs: Federal jobs in all agencies
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