Hoover Foundation endows forensic and investigative science scholarship

With dreams of becoming a Supreme Court justice, the West Virginia University junior aspires to be the kind of attorney who understands the science behind the evidence.

Forensic and Investigative Science in Amman

“Gratitude to our American friends for the class and their efforts.” 

-Jordanian workshop participant

CBD-IAI Meets in Morgantown

WVU graduate student, Ms. Korina Menking-Hoggatt, summarized the seminar on behalf of her colleagues: “The conference was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed hearing forensic practitioners talk about cutting edge forensic science and realizing my education at WVU is preparing me to be an excellent practitioner.”

Alumni Spotlight: Tyler Wotring

Tyler Wotring, an alumnus of Forensic and Investigative Science, talks about what he has been up to since graduating in Spring 2008.

FIS Summer Internship

The internship experience allows students to gain insight to the tasks that a forensic scientist performs on a daily basis. For more information about summer internships, please click here.

Graduate Student Awarded Notable Research Grant

Ms. Nobel is a second year M.S. student working with Dr. Jacqueline Speir. Madonna came from Malaysia to study and earn her B.S. in Forensic and Investigative Science at WVU. Afterwards, she decided to continue for her M.S. degree. According to Dr. Speir, “Madonna expressed initiative regarding her research objectives very early on in her graduate career.” Jacqueline went on to say that Madonna “used her thesis project as a means to learn completely new scientific concepts, as opposed to selecting a project built off of any pre-existing knowledge…and that this enthusiasm and aptitude, combined with a meaningful research question, was reflected in her grant proposal.”

2016—Did You Know?

The demographics of the incoming class of 117 students are: 97 first-year students (77% are non-residents) coming from 20 states other than West Virginia; 22 of the first-year students are also first-generation students. The other twenty students are transfers to the department, including three from foreign countries. It is interesting to note that 75% are female, representing a trend observed over the past several years.

Meet the New Hires

Two new forensic chemists have recently joined the faculty, giving us six faculty with forensic chemistry backgrounds and thus an especially strong concentration of faculty expertise.

Exoneration Exhibit: Jim Fogle

The West Virginia University Department of Forensic and Investigative Science in partnership with the WVU College of Law Innocence Project will be sponsoring an exhibit of Jim Fogle’s artwork being held at the Monongalia Arts Center, 107 High Street through the month of September. 

Cold Case Investigative Research Institute

The Department of Forensic and Investigative Science and the WVU College of Law Innocence Project recently partnered with the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute (CCIRI), a 503(c)3 non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA.