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Innovations in Trace Evidence Forensics: West Virginia University FIS

Recently, the West Virginia University's Forensic and Investigative Science Department was featured on the American Academy of Forensic Science TV's YouTube page. This mini documentary follows the research of Dr. Tatiana Trejo and her research group as well as other faculty within the department. You can read the description of the video below and watch the video here

Learn about the forensic science group led by Dr. Tatiana Trejos, Associate Professor at West Virginia University's Department of Forensic and Investigative Science. The intricacies of their research, focus on gunshot residue, glass evidence, and physical fit examinations. Encounter the challenges posed by the transfer and persistence of gunshot residue, and witness the innovative solutions developed to address these complexities. Through simulated crime scenes and laboratory settings, gain insights into the practical applications of their research. Collaborations with professionals like professors Luis Arroyo, Casper Venter, Aldo Romero, researchers, statisticians and practitioners underscore the multidisciplinary approach shaping advancements in forensic science.