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"What Remains" Podcast features FIS Professor, Glen Jackson

What Remains Title page

Prof. Glen Jackson, Ming Hseih Distinguished Professor in the Department of Forensic and Investigative Science, is featured in a new podcast of  "What Remains." According to WRAL, which publishes the series, the What Remains podcast covers "passionate scientists and investigators dedicating their lives to the seemingly impossible: matching missing persons to unidentified human remains and bringing resolution to families yearning for answers.”

Dr. Jackson is featured in episode 16 of season 1, titled "Isotope Analysis: It's in the water.” He helps explain how “You are what you eat,” and how isotopes in the water we consume can tell scientists where we live, and where we have traveled and lived in the past. Isotope analysis is quickly becoming a forensic tool that, when paired with DNA testing, can help solve some of the oldest cold cases. Dr. Jackson helps explain how isotopic measurements have been used to help solve one of the most heinous crimes in Ireland.Glen Jackson

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