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Honors Student Spotlight

Heather Massey is a junior Honors EXCEL student from Culpeper, VA. She is a forensic and investigative science major on the examiner track.

Her project deals with oral fluid testing devices for law enforcement, something that combines her love of law enforcement and forensics, specifically related to the field of drugs. Similar to a roadside breath test for alcohol, the oral fluid drug testing device is used by patrol officers after they have noticed symptoms of potential drug use by a driver. They collect a saliva sample with a swab, a less intrusive, alternative method to blood draws or urine samples. She has researched different manufacturers and their products, and is researching the legal implications and policies behind the device.

Outside of school, she enjoys exercising, cooking, watching police or Investigation Discovery shows, reading and finding new places that serve brunch. Her dream job is to become a sworn crime scene investigator.