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Best Photography Exhibit for 2016

Kelli Sullivan

Ms. Kelli Sullivan, a junior in the FIS program, was chosen by the faculty as having the best forensic photography presentation in Professor Ken Bauer’s forensic photography course.

Her time sequence of a burning bird house was a unique way to demonstrate the temporal effect of arson. She executed the project using lighter fluid as her accelerant. The time lapse photographs illustrate the distinct changes a structure undergoes during a total burn. Her close-up photograph of a $100 bill readily portrayed the red fibers embedded in the paper confirming that the bill was authentic and not a forgery. Taken together, the faculty reviewers were impressed with her ability to photograph both an unconventional “crime scene” and a potential unique piece of forensic evidence. 

Twenty-six students took forensic photography this year, the largest class in the 15 years Professor Bauer has taught the course. The course continues to be very popular with our students, many of whom have never used a camera beforehand.

The support of NIKON continues to provide our students with the very best cameras and lenses to shoot photographs of forensic evidence. This support helps separate our forensic science program from others and is another cornerstone to our national recognition as the best in the country.

photography exhibit