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WVU FIS Department Video

Two students in the Reed College of Media developed a new video that highlights the forensic and investigative science program. This video is the culmination of a term-long project in Professor MaryKay McFarland’s course, Advanced Video Storytelling. Jacob Shockley and Sijie Yuan (Andy) interviewed faculty and students, visited classes and laboratories, and went to our simulated late night crime scene investigations. Some 20 hours of video recordings were captured and condensed to this dynamic presentation. 

Take a look. DISCOVER and LEARN more about Forensic and Investigative Science at WVU. As a prospective student, is the WVU FEPAC accredited FIS program for you?

To arrange a visit and tour, call the WVU Visitor Center at 1-800-344-9881, Opt. 2, or 304-293-3489.