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Robin Bowen

Teaching Instructor and Minor Coordinator

Research Interests 
Ms. Bowen’s research interests involve the study of ethics in forensic science. The topic is important to the field because the work done at crime scenes, in laboratories, and in the courtroom have a great impact on the results of criminal trials. The philosophy behind the research involves examining professional cultures that include, or are related to, the field of forensic science in order to determine common pressures that may lead to unethical behavior. 

Ms. Bowen has an undergraduate degree in Forensic and Investigative Sciences and a graduate degree in Secondary Science Education from West Virginia University. She is currently teaching a number of online courses at the undergraduate and continuing education levels. Bowen was formerly the Assistant Director for Forensic and Investigative Science Outreach, a program that developed research, scientific resources, and professional training for forensic scientists and related professionals. Her primary responsibilities included coordination of continuing education programs, management of research projects, and correspondence of progress to the National Institute of Justice.

Special Information

Ms. Bowen is the author of Ethics and the Practice of Forensic Science. She has participated as an advisory member of the Outreach and Communication Interagency Working Group (IWG) under the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee (NSTC) on Forensic Science and as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the revised edition of Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences. Bowen is the primary developer of the Forensic Educational Alliance, an initiative to offer a variety of forensic science continuing education online courses.