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What is an Internship?

We define an internship as a professional experience consisting of a minimum of 270 hours (effective Summer 2015). The internship will typically last about 8 weeks, at 35 hours/week. This translates to 6 hours of WVU credit. In some cases, internship sites will only accept students who are able to work more than 270 hours (i.e. full-summer internship) and in some situations, students will have the opportunity to accrue more than the required 270 hours if they choose to do so. 

The internship must be completed in an approved agency, laboratory, or institutional setting. The actual hours required may be slightly adjusted by the director. The internship is expected to provide the opportunity for students to function as full-time employees with a full range of professional activities. All activities normally conducted by a full-time forensic specialist at an approved agency will be considered appropriate. 

However, students must realize that they are not full-time employees of the hosting site. They are guests that the site has agreed to host and assist and students must remain mindful of the significant effort that sites and internship coordinators invest in the internship experience.


The expenses for the summer Internship include summer tuition and special fees. All students are responsible for their own living costs associated with their internship. Occasionally students receive paid internships; however, most internships are unpaid.