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Undergraduate Internship and Research Opportunities

Both internships and research augment the education that students receive in the classroom while providing the opportunity to translate classroom experiences into direct services in an appropriate law enforcement agency or institution. Furthermore, the experience provides an opportunity to make practical application of information learned and refine knowledge gained in classroom and laboratory experiences.

Full-time students must complete their internship in the summer between their junior and senior year. Exceptions to this rule must be approved, in writing, by the chair of the department.

Undergraduate research is another avenue to enhance and apply the education gained within the classroom. Research can be done with faculty members (areas of interest) or with agencies or institutions in the field.

In addition to the 200+ agencies and institutions our students have served through the completion of their internships, several more opportunities are listed below:

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

  STEM Student Employment Program (SSEP)

  This program provides paid positions available for freshman through seniors with full-time work in     summers.  Applications are taken at any time.  

  Pathways Internship Program

  Similar to SSEP.  Applications accepted quarterly

National Institutes of Science and Technology (NIST)

  Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

  An excellent paid opportunity ideal for students looking to graduate school.

  NIST Internships

  Available on occasion; same weblink as above

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

  A range of opportunities in federal laboratories, including some in forensic science

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

  Nuclear forensics is one of several opportunities available for summer internships.

  Check the links under “Health and Science,” “Intelligence Analysis”, and “Law Enforcement”.