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FIS Minor

The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences offers a forensic and investigative science (FIS) minor, with courses offered both online and on campus. The minor provides students with a broad-based understanding of the fundamentals of forensic science. The minor recognizes the growing national interest in forensic science by introducing students to the technical and legal aspects of the field. 

The minor adds perspective and edge that can open the door to many careers. Students have the opportunity to experience basic issues and applications within the context of forensic science.

The convenience of online classes makes it easy for the working professional or students attending divisional campuses; traditional classes cater to students on the main campus.

The forensic and investigative science minor courses can benefit students in a variety of academic disciplines, including criminal justice, political science, psychology, sociology and history.

The minor requires 5 courses for a total of 15 credit hours.

The Forensic and Investigative Science minor is affiliated with the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences’ commitment to fostering and assessing students’ written, verbal, visual, and mediated communication skills across their disciplinary coursework. Students completing the FIS minor complete a minimum of four SpeakWrite Certified Courses TM within the minor.

The FIS minor currently enrolls approximately 300 students representing over 30 majors, 25 states, and 4 countries! 

To learn more about the minor and the requirements, visit the FIS Minor undergraduate catalog page.

For additional information contact FIS Minor Coordinator, Robin Bowen at