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Veronica Franklin

Ph.D. Student

Veronica Franklin works as part of Dr. Keith Morris' research group. Her primary research focuses on subclass characteristics found on spent cartridge cases in firearms examination.

Veronica Franklin is a doctoral student in the Forensic and Investigative Science department at West Virginia University. Before WVU, she received her B.A. degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Criminology from the University of Northern Iowa in 2017. Veronica received her Master of Science in Forensic and Investigative Science in 2019 after completing her thesis entitled “Modeling Movement of Criminals through Burglary Scenes”.  

Currently, Veronica is a Graduate Teaching Assistant with the Forensic and Investigative Science department. She has assisted with courses in the subjects of crime scene investigation, forensic photography, latent fingerprint examination, and trace evidence examination at the undergraduate and graduate level.