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Jacqueline A. Speir, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Dr. Speir's primary research interest is to develop computational methods in pattern recognition, imaging science, biometrics, and chemometrics. She is particularly interested in the application of numerical methods of image segmentation, processing, and data extraction to solve problems in the forensic, natural, and applied sciences. 

Dr. Speir received a B.S. in Biology from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec (1999), a M.S. in Forensic Science from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York, New York (2004), followed by a Ph.D. in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York (2010).​

Dr. Speir was the Advanced Criminalistics Laboratory Coordinator at John Jay College of Criminal Justice from 2002-2004, before becoming an instructor and research microscopist at McCrone Research Institute between 2004-2006. After completing her Ph.D., she became an assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry (Forensic Science) at Cedar Crest College from 2010-2012.

Special Information

Dr. Speir is a member of the NIST OSAC (Organization of Scientific Area Committees) Subcommittee on Footwear and Tire Tread. She is a Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Criminalistics and an Associate Member of Criminalistics with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.