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Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate Student Achievement

A degree in our program is the foundation for success, professionally and academically. Our students have gone on to become leaders in their fields and continually show the value of their degree.

Undergraduate Internships

During the summer of 2022, seventy-eight (78) students completed internships. In the summer of 2023, one hundred (100) students completed their internships at Federal, State, and local forensic laboratories, police departments, crime scene units, and Coroners/Chief Medical Examiner’s offices.

Out of the 100 students who completed internships, 65 students worked in local units, 14 worked in an industry setting, 8 worked in state units, 8 worked in research, 3 worked in federal units, and 2 worked in other areas.

The following States represent where our students experienced a fantastic summer internship:

Internship Sites 2023

After Graduation

A recent survey of the 66 students that graduated in May 2021 showed that 14 went to graduate school (21%); 34 are confirmed as working (51%); 19 did not respond to our survey (29%). Thus, at least 72% of the graduates found career placements or went to graduate school.

Career Placement

Historically, we have placed students at the FBI, DEA, US Secret Service, US Postal Inspection Service, US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, WV State Police Forensic Laboratory, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, DC Department of Forensic Sciences, as well as many county, municipal, city crime laboratories or forensic science departments and analogs, and in private companies.

Recent career placements, for May 2021 graduates, include:

Abu Dhabi UAE Forensic Scientist                                     1
Alpasso Coroner’s Office                                                   1
Attending graduate school at WVU pathology                   1
Attending graduate school at WVU                                    7
Attending graduate school other than WVU                       5
Booz Allen Hamilton, Biometrics                                       2
Burlingham PD, CSI                                                           1
Charlotte NC, CSI                                                             1
Dallas Police Dept.                                                             1
Dental School                                                                    1
Dolphin County Coroner’s Office                               1
FBI New York Field Office                                                  1
FBI Washington Field Office                                              1
Greenville County, CSI                                     3
Hamilton County, ID Technician                                        1
Ideal Innovations (Biometrics)                                2
Melbourne FL, CSI                                                       2
Mortuary Science, Pitt                                   1
New York City OCME Biologist                                     1
No-response                                                                      19
Other than Forensic Science                                    4
Palm Bay PD, CSI                                                      1
Palm Beach, CSI                                                           1
Prince William County, CSI                                       1
RTI International                                                       1
Suffolk PD, CSI                                                             2
Tennessee Bureau Investigation, CSI                          1
Washing DC Biometric Specialist                                     1
West Virginia State Lab, Biologist                                1