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Faculty Mentors

Once students successfully apply to the program, they are matched with a faculty member based on their interests and career plans.  The FIS mentor program has the following goals:

Teach students to distinguish themselves 

Simply by making it to the upper-level FIS program, our students already meet the definition of “excellent.” However, we want all our FIS students to be more than excellent – we want them to be amazing. To stand out from the pack. Mentors can help guide students into finding undergraduate research projects, jobs, scholarships, or networking opportunities that allow them to showcase their unique skills and abilities. 

Help students decide on post-undergraduate path

For some students, the decision to go to graduate school is easy. For others, entering the job market is a better choice. The faculty mentor can help a student understand what graduate school actually entails, discuss the application process, and help them think about what areas of research interest and drive them.

Prepare students for their post-college career

We want our students to treat their mentor as a helpful resource for learning and polishing the skills they need to succeed in the job market. This can be simple things such as talking about how to act on an interview, to more complex topics such as how one’s professional reputation is made or broken. It also involves helping students select courses, particularly electives, that will given them useful or transferrable skills relevant to their interests and career goals.

All students will meet with their mentor at least once a semester, but will get more from the relationship if they seek out their mentor’s help and advice often.