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Student Achievement

A degree in our program is the foundation for success, professionally and academically. Our students have gone on to become leaders in their fields and continually show the value of their degree.

Undergraduate Internships

During the summer of 2016, 29 students completed their internships at federal, state and local forensic laboratories, police crime scene units and coroners/Office of Chief Medical Examiner’s office.

California  – 1
Colorado – 1
Connecticut – 1
Florida – 2
Maryland - 5
Michigan – 1
New York – 1
North Carolina – 1
Ohio – 4
Oregon -1
Pennsylvania – 3
Tennessee – 1
Texas – 1 
West Virginia – 8

After Graduation

A recent survey of the 37 students that graduated in May 2015 showed that 12 went to graduate school (32%); 18 are confirmed as working (49%); 7 did not respond to our survey (19%). Thus, 81% of the graduates found career placements or went to graduate school.

Career Placement

Historically, we have placed students at the FBI, DEA, US Secret Service, US Postal Inspection Service, US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, WV State Police Forensic Laboratory, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, DC Department of Forensic Sciences, as well as many county, municipal, city crime laboratories or forensic science departments and analogs, and in private companies.

Recent career placements, for example, include:

  • Forensic Science Technician – Virginia Beach Police Department
  • DNA Analyst / Crime Scene Investigator – Charleston Crime Laboratory
  • Crime Scene Investigator – Durham Police Department
  • Fire Arm/Toolmark Examiner – North Carolina Crime Laboratory
  • Instrument Technician – Foster and Freeman
  • Forensic Drug Analyst – Charleston Crime Laboratory
  • Toxicology, Arson, Controlled Substance Investigator – Minnesota Crime Laboratory
  • Medical Examiner/Pathology Assistant – Allegheny Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Fingerprint Examiners – FBI
  • Latent Print Technician – Ron Smith & Associates, Inc.
  • Evidence Technician – Texas Department of Public Safety
Graduate School

25% of the 2nd and 3rd year graduate students presented papers/posters at professional meetings during the 2014-15 academic year.
Christie Cyktor -  Evaluation of the efficiency of recovery methods of trace evidence for pollen particles. Graduate Research Symposium at William and Mary College, as well as the Impression, Pattern, and Trace Evidence Symposium.
Eric Law - Creating a Bayesian Network Using Normalized IBIS Scores of .357 Magnum and .38 Special Cartridge Cases. American Academy of Forensic Sciences.
Alyshia Meyers - Characterization and Discrimination of Ink-Jet Printer Inks Using Mirco-Raman Spectroscopy. American Academy of Forensic Sciences
Nicole Richitelli - Estimates of Randomly Acquired Characteristic Frequency in High Quality Footwear Exemplars. Impression Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium.