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Graduation 2017

Class of 2017Twenty-one students were awarded their Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic and Investigative Science at the May 14, 2017 Commencement Ceremony.

The faculty recognized Nick Haas as the Outstanding Forensic Biology Student, Lindsay Cheeseman as the Outstanding Forensic Chemistry Student, and Mindy Dills as the Outstanding Forensic Examiner Student. Micayla Zynda was selected as the Overall Outstanding Forensic Science Student.

Eleven students graduated with Latin honors, and all students were involved in extracurricular activities beyond their studies.

All students graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree. Each student’s area of emphasis is noted below.

Our graduates include:

Rachel Ball: forensic biology, forensic examiner

Chelsea Boardman: forensic examiner

Lindsay Cheeseman: forensic chemistry

Emma Combs: forensic biology

Melinda Dills: forensic examiner

Margo Folwick: forensic biology

Jenna Gardner: forensic examiner

Nicholas Haas: forensic biology

Cameron Hartwig: forensic biology, forensic examiner

Phillip Irion: forensic biology

Faith Jancura: forensic examiner

Madison Killmeyer: forensic examiner

Kayla Krausman: forensic examiner

Olivia Leonard: forensic examiner

Gabrielle Marquis: forensic examiner

Jordan Mink: forensic examiner

Kristen Newland: forensic biology

Darby Stemple: forensic chemistry

Rebecca Walls: forensic examiner

Brittany Wood: forensic examiner

Micayla Zynda: forensic biology

Pending August Graduates

Reem Karimi: forensic examiner

Faith Zellman: forensic examiner

Pending December Graduates

Jordan Caruso: forensic biology, forensic examiner

Chantal Fay: forensic biology, forensic examiner

Danielle Janicik: forensic examiner

Four students were awarded a Master of Science degree: Ashley CochranTyler Davidson, Renuka Watalingam, and Samuel Yatzkan.

The faculty and staff congratulate our newest graduates.

Class of 2017

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