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Seminar: Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick will be visiting the department and giving a seminar at 4 PM in room 220 Oglebay Hall; the title of her seminar is: What is Forensic Genealogy?

Dr. Fitzpatrick has a PhD in nuclear physics and worked for 25 years as an independent contractor for NASA, the Department of Defense, and numerous government and civilian agencies in laser and optical physics.  Since 2005 she has worked in forensic identification.  Her expertise is finding hard-to-identify individuals for cold cases, military identifications, adoption searches, identity fraud, unclaimed property, and heir searches. She has worked for law enforcement agencies around the country on dozens of cold cases, and has been a key person in the exposure of three international Holocaust frauds.  She is an Associate Member of the AAFS – and plans to be promoted to Full Member.