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Kelly Ayers

Clinical Instructor

Professional Interests

Ms. Ayers’ primary focus is to provide training and education for local law enforcement professionals, with a special interest in the rural agencies of West Virginia. The majority of evidence collection is done by local law enforcement, many of whom have little or no training in proper recognition, collection, packaging, and storage procedures. Improper procedures in the field lead to inaccurate laboratory results. She is responsible for developing and teaching training courses on this topic, several of which of been approved for West Virginia law enforcement in-service credit. 


She has most recently served as an instructional coordinator with the Forensic Science Initiative at West Virginia University. Prior to coming to WVU in 2010, Kelly was employed as a forensic services technician with the Asheville Police Department in North Carolina. She has an undergraduate degree with a double major in Philosophy and Biology and was the first graduate of the West Virginia University Forensic Identification Program in 2001. Shortly after coming to WVU, she was awarded an M.S. in Forensic Science Administration from Oklahoma State University. 

Special Information

Ms. Ayers is a Certified Senior Crime Scene Analyst through the International Association for Identification and has been qualified in North Carolina Superior Court as an expert in forensic identification. She has been published in the Journal of Forensic Identification and currently serves on the editorial review board of IDNews, both official publications of the IAI. Kelly is now serving as the Chair of the Board for the Chesapeake Bay Division-IAI. She served as CBD-IAI’s 56th President, chairs the crime scene certification and student development committees, and has been appointed to the student issues committee of the parent body IAI.