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Onsite Courses Offered

The Forensic Science Academy for Professionals offers many onsite workshops throughout the year. These workshops were developed to meet the diverse needs and requests of the forensic science community. These activities provide quality education and training to practicing forensic scientists, public attorneys, and law enforcement officers across the country and abroad who have the desire to enhance their knowledge and skills in this rapidly evolving field. 

Courses are available onsite or on-location. If you have any other training needs, please contact us. We also have the ability to accommodate Spanish-speaking organizations. 

See below for the next scheduled workshops.

Indispensable Trial Preparation for the Fire Expert: A Practical Alternative to Trial by Fire (Course Description)
Instructor: Thomas May, Esq. (Instructor Bio)
Date: June 14-16, 2017
Location: West Virginia University (exact location TBD)
Cost: $325
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Introduction to Firearms Identification (Course Description)
Instructor: Dr. Keith Morris (Instructor Bio)
Date: June 26-28, 2017
Location:  WVU Ballistics Test Center
Cost: $325
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Basic UV/IR Photography (Course Description)
Instructor: Dr. Keith Morris (Instructor Bio)
Date: July 17-18, 2017
Location:  WVU Crime Scene Complex
Cost: $225
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Practical and Safety Aspects of Clandestine Laboratory Investigations (Course Description)
Instructor: Professor Casper Venter (Instructor Bio)
Date: July 24-25, 2017
Location:  WVU Crime Scene Complex
Cost: $225
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Latent Print Development from Crime Scene to Database (Course Description)
Instructor: Professor Casper Venter (Instructor Bio)
Date: July 31-August 1, 2017
Location: 317 Oglebay Hall (Latent Print Lab)
Cost: $225
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Essentials of Criminal Investigations (Course Description)
Instructor: Gary W. Graff and Iris Dalley (Instructor Bios)
Date:  August 1-3, 2017
Location: West Virginia University (exact location TBD)
Cost: $325
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Short courses at an introductory level have been designed for patrol to refresh what they may not do on a regular basis or teach what they may not have learned in the academy. Agencies may be too small to have a specialized unit and manpower may be limited to allow officers to travel. Let FSAP come to you! If your agency is interested in hosting any of the courses below, please contact us at for scheduling throughout 2017. West Virginia State Police professional development has approved these courses for in-service credit:

For other resources such as lodging suggestions, airport information, and campus maps, click here.

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